" I believe that we cannot truly be considered a FRENCH restaurant for many reasons, the most fundamental being -- we are not in FRANCE! It's similar to the idea that if someone tried to sell me a New York hot dog outside NYC I would not buy it on principle! Old, dirty, New York water -- the taxi smog, skyscrapers everywhere, the overwhelming sense of history and importance...all of these are crucial ingredients and part of an experience which of course cannot and should not be had here in the Midwest.

That being said, there is absolutely no reason to shun serving food that is homage to the original. Adding decor that grants a little escape from our everyday routine is crucial in creating a perfect soiree. Standing on the shoulders of giants is a privilege, and the French have mastered certain techniques as well as a sophisticated level of romance that deserves recreation and renovation! Keeping true to our Midwest-American core values and sensibilities is important to me, hence our delightful dance between Old French & New American! " -- chef jason

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