Jason craine

               CHEF / owner

Jason originally went to school with film direction in mind. On his way to earning a B.S. in technical theatre he cooked and eventually managed a locally owned Greek-American restaurant. Upon meeting the mother of his beautiful daughter, Charisse, at this very restaurant, he decided that his rapidly increasing passion for all things culinary could no longer be ignored.

Jason continued his training under Chef Jim Douglas (former Wolfgang Puck Chef).


                       sous chef

Born and raised in the midwest, Joshua has always had knack for building unique flavor profiles with multiple cuisines. Joshua answered a calling to the west coast with all of the flavors and bounty of the ocean had to offer which beckoned him to cultivate his passion for food. Joshua has always been a self-driven individual who ended up pairing his education and experience to start his own Private Chef / Catering business, "Distinctively Personal."

When Joshua chose to move to Kansas City, he set his sights on working for an established chef. Joshua has his own goals and aspirations to own / co-own his own restaurant one day!

dennis maas

               general manager

Dennis moved to Kansas City in 1999 from Fredonia Kansas, a small town in the southeast part of the state. Dennis started bartending at Chilis restaurant in Westport and found his life's passion. From Chilis he made the move to the Bristol in Downtown Kansas City where he started enjoying more of the art and craft of cocktail making. A few years ago Dennis also joined the USBG (United States Bartender's Guild) where he continues to hone his skills and make lifelong friends!

Here at CHARISSE KC Dennis has free reign to do whatever his imagination conjures up behind the bar! He still loves what he does and always works hard at improving his customer service skills!